Our professional rental services require NO up-front fees. All of the advertising costs are included in our commission. Finding the perfect tenant can be a difficult task to take on alone. With our comprehensive services, finding great qualified residents and helping you start them off in a satisfied rental situation, can be made stress-free and easy for you. We even provide our own maintenance services. Owners can take advantage of our maintenance services, but always have the option to choose their own vendor, maintenance or repair services, as this is not a contractual agreement as a part of our overall services provided.

Property rental services include finding a good tenant for you through numerous advertising venues. These include all three major newspapers in this area. A detailed listing with multiple photographs on company web site. A billboard advertising our rentals. Our duties also include the administrative work like background checks; credit reviews, lee county driving records and sex offender files. My company does participate with real estate agent referrals. Part of the process also includes showing and listing properties to make it easier on the owner. Upon rental, we’ll take the proactive responsibility to collect all move in fees required to include rent, security deposits and pet fees if applicable. A new tenant may pay all initial funds owed with a variety of collection and payment options for occupants.